High unemployment remains one of the greatest challenges to Kenya’s and Africa’s Development and hence a major concern to policy makers and other stakeholders in Africa.

Unemployment and in particular youth employment is the subject of intense debate and discussions in Kenya. In as much as young people are full of optimism and they easily take advantage of opportunities and information that are availed to them. The big challenge still remains finding avenues where they can access such opportunities and exposure.

In recognition to this GHETTO POTENTIAL TRUST works to create a 2 days platform dubbed the SLUM FEST where young people can come together share and showcase their companies ideology with the rest of the community.


SLUM FEST is a two day forum and Festival that will be part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW 2012) taking place from the 12th -18th November 2012.

The Festival aims at bringing together young people from diverse backgrounds drawn from the slums in Nairobi. The festival will create a platform for:

  • Exhibitions of products and services by different youth groups/Companies/Organizations.
  • Performances and Beauty contest.
  • Open discussions and sharing of experiences from one another.
  • Show case and celebrate youth potential in Entrepreneurship exploits, Creative talents and Community development Activities.

The festival will be held in Kariobangi sports ground on 10th -11th November 2012 starting from 9am to 6;30pm for both days.

Ghetto Potential trust in partnership with Junior Achievement Kenya conducted a 2 mouths intensive training in 2011 for 8 youth groups, the groups together with other 4 groups that are scheduled for training this year from September to October this year,will have qualified to have a stand on this year’s slum fest where they will exhibit their products or services and also compete against each other, the best company and the best CEO’s will be acknowledged in cash to assist them expand their Business.

Being a campaigns period for next year’s General elections in Kenya the festival will also advocate for peace and encourage team work among the youths.Through the exhibitions and the performances it will be evident enough to the community that since 2008post-election violence the youths have made much more steps in working together to achieve the companies/ performing groups that they are running.


  • The festival will create a networking Opportunity for youth groups, Corporate, Government, Civil Society, Diplomatic, and NGO’s among others.
  • To Showcase the positive side and the potentials of Informal settlements/Ghettos especially among its young people to the outside population at the same time create an avenue where the community can collectively identify and address developmental challenges affecting them.
  • Kenyan cooperates will have a chance to market genuine products, and community sensitization on fake products that are circulating on different stores within the slums.
  • The festival will advocate for intercultural and tribal cooperation especially in urban set up.


EXHIBITIONS: This will be a platform for the slum based companies to exhibit/promote their products, also sell directly to the locals during the two days activities. Companies that are interested in being part of this festival will also be given a tent to exhibit and market their products this will be at a fee of 10000 shillings per day. The Exhibitions will be officially launched on 10 November and run till the following day.

PERFORMANCES: This will be both days activity of thematic shows raging from acrobatic, Dance, Music, Drama Skits presented by participants from different slums in Nairobi. The festival would highlight what we believe is the strongest point in the lives of Kenyan young people positively putting their potential into good course.

FASHION SHOWS (MR/Miss AMANI EAST): This will showcase the creativity of slum based upcoming designers and crowning of Mr/Miss Amani east who will in return work as Peace Ambassadors.

FILM SCREENINGS: A short film that focuses on peace and reconciliation will be screened in both days by slum Cinema. The community will also have a question and answer time with peace ambassadors.


Ghetto potential is inviting different stakeholders to grace the occasion and if possible participate in both days of the events.

Various ways of participating include;

  • Financial support to the SLUM FEST organization committee.
  • Exhibit your organizations work through banners, posters, products etc, present your organization profile during the festival.
  • Moral support including opening your networks and contacts to the Initiative.Please feel free to share this information’s with others.

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GP 2012 Overview

Though we are having an election year this 2012, we are not relenting on our resolve to discover talents in the ghetto and nurture them.

GP is working with people from all walks of life. We are currently offering Ballet class in the slums of Kibera to kids. The experience with the kids is so enriching given the fact that they show sheer commitment to course.

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